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We grow our tomatoes in a sustainable way, with respect for people and environment. You can follow our vision towards vegetable growing on The Green Heart 

Based on the natural sugar content of our tomatoes , we have developed a Juice based on the pink tomatoes under the brand 5on5 , because it is not just a tomato juice but a juice also attractive for non-tomato juice consumers. 

The composition and biological elements are closely monitored by ECCA.


5th taste "UMAMI 'typifies the pleasant experience of refreshing juice of pink tomatoes...
Natural light digestible juice of pink tomatoes, low in calories, rich in vitamins, high absorbable lycopene content..
Breed of artisan sustainable "Sweet Pink" tomatoes guaranteed by the Flandria quality labelt..

5/5 BVBA

Philippe Saveryslaan 116

9140 Temse


BTW BE0674.792.970

Tel: +32 490 45 24 86

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5on5 is the basis for multiple applications such as refreshing fantastic ingredient in non-alcoholic cocktails and mixed drinks. Add it in delicious fine cuisine preprations . Or mix it with other vegetables.

Multiple Michelin star rated restaurants as well as trendy bars and cultural hot spots use already 5on5 pure or with wodka/gin and the appreciation by the customer is health warming!


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